Mearns Primary looking for Businesses to support with STEM

Mearns Primary would appreciate any local businesses with a background or interest in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) who would be prepared to come along and work with the children. This could be a talk to a class or group, or sharing how our learning in STEM subjects helps us in our work life and personal life. It is important that our pupils make connections between what we learn in school and how it helps in the workplace, and can see clear benefits of this focus. We hope for our teaching programmes to be varied and relevant to our school community and society. Our big ‘STEM’ event runs from 2nd-13th March 2020 and visitors or contributors would be welcome at any time. We have a theme of ‘Our Diverse Planet’ but any discipline or context is appropriate.

We would also love to support local businesses, so if anyone would like to know more about working with us, or can offer further ideas, please get in touch with Sandra Curran – DHT on