SCC Comment on latest Covid-19 restrictions

21st December 2020

In response to the latest Scottish Government Covid-19 restrictions, Dr Liz Cameron, Chief Executive of the Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:

 “There is much to cause businesses to lose hope as we approach the New Year including the return to the highest level of lockdown from Boxing day and turmoil at the ports caused by Brexit.

“We have issued an urgent plea to the Scottish Government to get behind a comprehensive package of support that will ensure businesses can preserve as many jobs as is possible over coming weeks and months. Existing support is now no longer sufficient. It must be replaced with meaningful not piecemeal plans that ensure cash gets to where it is needed immediately.

“Government needs to set out an approach that provides more stability and clarity for business. We need to know that government is committed to reopening the economy as well as keeping us all safe from the threats of the virus. As soon as data is available, Governments must set out when businesses can be expected to return to trading so that they can once again have the confidence to re-open.”