SCC Comment on Withdrawal Agreement Vote

Commenting on Friday’s motion brought forward by the UK Government, Liz Cameron OBE, Chief Executive, said:

“Businesses in Scotland are in despair that there is no end in sight to the Brexit process. The result of today’s vote that has scuppered the withdrawal agreement muddies the waters of our future even further.’’

“What we need from our parliamentarians is a laser focus on the business and economic challenges the country faces, which has so far been completely absent in the midst of these political tactics. Instead we have a riddle wrapped in a guddle inside a complete shambles of a political leadership process.’’

“We call on our democratically elected representatives to build a consensus and end this ignominy. Many of our members who work so hard to provide jobs and pay taxes are struggling because it is impossible to fully prepare and even more impossible to make decisions that are essential to the livelihood of businesses, their staff and the economy.’’

‘’What Scotland and the UK needs now is politicians who are willing to stand up and govern the country, not make business uncertainty and frustration worse.”