Commenting on the results of the UK General Election, Dr Liz Cameron OBE, Director & Chief Executive, Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:

“The Scottish Chambers of Commerce extends our congratulations to the Conservative Party for winning the election. Now the campaigning is done, the real work of government must begin and accelerate.

“For too long the needs of businesses and the economy have been left on the back burner while parliamentarians have served up a hot mess. The lack of uncertainty over Brexit has caused untold damage to the economy because it has discouraged businesses from investing. Political focus has been on parliamentary mathematics, not on the business of supporting the economy and employers. Now we have a government and, perhaps, a plan, we need them to get down to the basics of economic support creating an environment which is fit for business. We expect the focus to be heightened on infrastructure investment and the development of our talent. We also need quick answers to international trading arrangements and an immigration policy that is fit for the needs of Scotland and its employers.

“Our Scottish representatives at Westminster need to put the economy of Scotland at the forefront of their minds and in all policy discussions; that means supporting job creation and enabling Scotland to remain ahead of the game in global competitiveness. For those who have been elected or re-elected, they would do a complete injustice to the people who have voted them in if they do not ensure they use their voice and votes wisely.

“Now more than ever we need our leaders at Holyrood and Westminster , to get behind the needs of the economy to ensure that Scotland remains prosperous for all.”