Calling for the support of all East Renfrewshire Businesses.

Across Scotland we are using over 3 billion plastic straws each year.

This is just one example of single use plastic items being washed up on our beaches, polluting our seas and damaging wildlife.  This is widely publicised and has had attention drawn to it through the recent Blue Planet documentary and other media activity.

Collectively we need to take responsibility for reducing this unnecessary and damaging litter.

In East Renfrewshire we have many outlets that will use these and we would like to get them to change to paper straws and each person in East Renfrewshire commit to refusing to use plastic.

This may seem like a small step but collectively taken forward, will start to make a difference.

Kate Forbes MSP – Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch is asking all local authorities to join her in taking this step to ban the use of straws or replace them with paper straws (letter attached).  final straw campaign

We will do our bit and hope that you can join us in this worthwhile campaign.